You may register at any time throughout the year!
We run classes from September through May.
Call Ann @ 217-825-7842 for more information.
$25 registration fee due for each child at the time of sign-up
(Registration fee covers classes from September 1st-August 31st of the following year)
Multi-child class discounts offered: 10% off second child, 50% off third child.
Recreational Tumbling
30 minute class
$35 per month
3 year olds
45 minute class
$40 per month
4 years & up
1 hour class
$45 per month
Competitive Team
Tumbling, Trampoline, & Double-mini
2-18 year olds
All Skill levels
One-time team fee:$100
USTA card:$50
AAU card:$20
Team suit:$275
Entry fee per regular competition:1 event $50, 2 events:$60, 3 events:$70 
(Entry fees may be subject to change for State, National, and Jr. Olympic competitions)

Competitive Team Pricing

(price list per month)

3 Hours            $85.00

4 Hours            $105.00

4.5 Hours         $115.00

*REQUIRED: 2 or 3 hour team class weekly (depending on level) plus a 1 hour recreational class weekly


SCHEDULE 2020-2021


Monday Recreational Classes

4:30-5:30pm           Beginner 6 & 7 years old

5:30-6:30pm           Flip Flop Class 10 years old and older

6:30-7:00pm           Mommy/Tot

7:00-8:00pm           Beginner 4 & 5 years old

8:00-9:00pm           Advanced Beginner 9 years old and older

Tuesday Recreational Classes

4:30-5:30pm           Beginner 4 & 5 years old

5:30-6:15pm           Beginner 3 years old

6:15-7:15pm           Advanced Beginner 6 years old and younger

7:15-8:15pm           Advanced Beginner 7 & 8 years old

Wednesday Recreational Class

4:30-5:30pm           Flip Flop 9 years old and younger

5:30-6:30pm           Beginner 6 & 7 years old

6:30-7:30pm           Novice/Intermediate All Ages

7:30-8:30pm           Advanced All Ages

8:30-9:00pm           Advanced Twisting/Doubles Class(must be invited by Ann)


Thursday Team Class

5:00-8:00pm           Beginner/Advanced Beginner 5-7pm         Novice-Advanced 5-8pm